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Cleaning a Filter

For best results, Daisy Fresh Cleaning always recommend new clients start with a deep clean and continue with weekly or bi-weekly service to get your home sparkling clean. This also makes it much easier for you to maintain between regular weekly or bi-weekly service.

Our Initial Deep Clean is ideal for homes that are in need of a thorough top to bottom scrub and will get your home in excellent shape.

Daisy Fresh Cleaning starts at the top of the room and dust, vacuum, polish, scrub and clean everything we can reach. We have extension poles to ensure we can reach areas that may not have been cleaned in a very long time.

Please refer to the 50 Point Check List and the "Initial Clean" checklist which shows the different items that are included in this service. (This package doesn't include inside of oven and inside of
fridge, so please make sure we add those on if you are interested in getting your interior appliances cleaned.)

This cleaning typically takes twice as long as a general service so for larger homes, we will either schedule them for 2 days, or send at least two crew members. Our deep cleans range in price depending on the home, residents, pets, and other factors - deep cleans typically run
around $500-700+ on average for a typical home.

Contact us today for a free in-home estimate!

Please note: We do not work in homes where customers smoke
indoors, hoarder or extreme clutter, or mold. we do not offer
organization or laundry services.

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